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About this website

The Caledonian Envelopes website was designed and built by Askomil - bringing clarity to complexity through information architecture.

Askomil provides Internet consultancy and website design services. A focus on information architecture delivers clear websites that meet real user needs. Key to this success is the application of web technologies, such as ecommerce and content management, coupled with online marketing expertise, such as search engine optimisation. Here is some other work:

Catalyzt - digital market perspectives

Catalyzt provides an integrated view across Markets, Technology and Services, so that users can assess the commercial relevance, impact, and potential of developments. Catalyzt Plus is a subscription-based service, which includes detailed analysis, insight, guidance and an interactive dialogue channel.

EXIMIUS - exceptional quality in gift stationery

Eximius is an online retailer specialising in beautiful handmade stationery, gifts and desktop accessories selected for quality and luxury. The personalised stationery products include personalised letterheads, personalised visiting cards and personalised invitations, all made from handmade paper making perfect gifts for friends and relatives.

Churchill Supercars - performance car hire

Churchill Supercars provides a select range of performance cars for hire. Ideal for weddings, gift days, or just the thrill of taking the wheel of one of the world's most prestigious cars, hiring our luxury and sports cars needs no justification! Choose between the exhilarating power of the Ferrari 430, the unequalled fun and agility of the new MINI Cooper S, the power and statement of the Range Rover Sport, or the exclusivity and respect commanded by the Aston Martin Vantage.

Cartezia Cambridge Limited - building digital businesses

Cartezia is in the business of building businesses with the potential for generating real revenues and commercial value. Cartezia's primary focus is on industries affected by the emerging digital marketplace, including technology, media, telecommunications, retail and e-services. Cartezia is built upon a foundation of hands-on business building experience, in-depth market and technical knowledge and a network of leading industry contacts and advisors.

Smith Kendon - Original Travel Sweets

Smith Kendon is one of the UK's oldest and most established confectionery brands. Smith Kendon currently produces three flavours of travel sweets: Mixed Fruit, Citrus and Wild Berry, with Barley Sugar due for launch in 2007.

Cambridge Person Centre

The Cambridge Person Centre is a group of experienced person-centred counsellors offering a professional one-to-one counselling service in Cambridge, Thriplow (near Duxford and Royston), Fulbourn and Comberton.

Arabuko-Sokoke Schools and Ecotourism Scheme

ASSETS is a well-targeted sustainable development programme in Kenya. Through the provision of secondary school scholarships, ASSETS meets the economic and social needs of the local community, whilst promoting the conservation of two of Africa's most important ecosystems: the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and Midas Creek.

CM Insight - qualitative research

CM Insight is a partnership dedicated to providing qualitative research of the highest quality and integrity, with rigour and perceptiveness as their hallmarks. CM Insight has expertise in a wide range of sectors, but they specialise in children & youth, older people and sensitive issues.

Further information

Visit for more information on any of this work. Affordable web design from a professional web design company.